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With SharePoint 2013/Office 365 Microsoft has introduced a new model for developing SharePoint Apps. With this new model apps are no longer deployed and executed on the SharePoint server itself. This allows SharePoint to be accessible during installation and upgrade of apps and therefore leads to a better user experience. Since the app code is running either only in the browser using JavaScript, or on a independently hosted platform, the SharePoint server itself can no longer be impaired by the execution of the app.

SharePoint apps are available for both Office 365 and on-premise installations of SharePoint 2013 via a central app store. Below you can find some custom developed SharePoint apps that are publicly available in the Office Store.

Document Url App

The Document Url app integrates with document libraries and allows to easily copy the url of one or multiple documents. This is especially useful when SharePoint replaces the link to a document automatically with the very long urls pointing to Office Web Apps when right-clicking on a document.

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Image Crop & Resize App

The Image Crop & Resize app integrates with SharePoint picture galleries and document libraries to easily crop and resize images within your browser. The cropped and resized image can be either downloaded directly or saved back to SharePoint.

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